Why we Ride?

"To those who don't ride, no explanation will do. To those who do ride, no explanation is necessary"*.  Personally, riding is fun because it has a sense of adventure. To ride is to meditate, I have to bring myself to a state of consciousness where the mind operates the motorcycle through the body in harmony and with trust.  There are no second chances. The mind has to learn the limits of the bike, know the road the traffic around and use all its skills in concert with the body to try to take that corner, that narrow line and do that with enough room to stop all while making sure no one is running in to you. In the process, my body and mind learn something new unconsciously.  There are few things with such a tight and consequential feedback loop. 

The allure for riding may also has an evolutionary origin. We live in a world of abundance, but though the ages we have tried to do what we can, with what we have. Motorcycles are minimalistic. If two wheels work why use four, why require proper 12 ft wide roads. And riding motorcycles is never about going from point A to B. Its about being in tune with the terrain, the environment and these days the traffic around you.

(*unknown source)

picture by Mohammad Faruque @unsplash